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Executive chef, Durban 3 star hotel. Reporting to and supervised by the General Manager, the Executive Chef organises and manages the processes CONFERENCING Experience is crucial.¬ related to food production. He/she trains, supervises and coordinates the kitchen team, whilst also being responsible for overseeing and helping prepare different menus of the restaurant.   Experience, at least 2 years in an exec chef position managing a 5 star property. R E S P O N S A B I L I T I E S
  • Service & production responsibilities:
  • ¬†Establishes the restaurant menu, snacks menu, menu of the day and the chef's specials, following instructions from management
  • Establishes and applies the product technical sheet
  • Supervises and takes part in preparing and cooking the various dishes of the restaurant
  • Ensures the quality of the food preparations served, their compliance with the product technical sheet and guest satisfaction
  • Provides supplies according to production
  • Establishes the fesh produce list, submits orders to the purchasing office and monitors the stock levels in the cold store room and stock room
  • Assists in receiving the orders to verify that they are correct and that the products are of an appropriate quality.
  • Organises the storage layout
  • Takes inventories
  • Is responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of all kitchen equipment
  • Informs the technical department of any fault detected with the equipment
  • Takes part in and supervises the end of month inventories
  • Is responsible for ensuring any traceability necessary for the chain of command in order to prove it is
  • complying with the health and safety standards in force and that materials are being managed properly
  • Follows the Sanitation Control Plan and is responsible for adhering to the HACCP hygiene rules
  • collaboration with the F&B Manager, he/she occasionally helps organise sales events (seminars, promotional events, etc.)
  • Helps prepare the budget and set departmental goals
  • Keeps stats on footfall in the restaurant to determine the production levels based on which to place orders
  • Ensures portions are monitored and standards are adhered to so as to minimise waste and to maintain the budgeted food cost
  • Helps prepare operating budgets, investment budgets and departmental goals
  • The Executive Chef manages his/her team in line with administrative and legal procedures:
  • Creates the time sheet, the schedules of the chefs and kitchen porters under the responsibility of
  • Management, as well as the cleaning schedules
  • Optimises the organisation of their department by ensuring that staffing and the workload match up;
  • Applies labour law and HR procedures
  • Fosters the development of their employees' skills, ensures they are given training and aids them in their professional development
  • Conducts regular evaluations of their employees, identifying areas for improvement and training needs and ensures that this training is carried out
  • Provides annual appraisal interviews and sets goals for staff
  • Approves recruitments
  • Organises the process of receiving and integrating new staff members
  • Develops the motivation and entry of their teams by creating a good working environment
  • Regularly moves around the department, maintaining a high level of communication with customers and staff
  • Ensures that the most qualified person is appointed for a job vacancy as far as possible, this should be an internal promotion
  • The Executive Chef supervises the commis chef and scullers as per the management guidelines:
  • Supervises and coordinates the kitchen team in a good working atmosphere;
  • Maintains a good level of discipline in the kitchen to ensure staff behave appropriately and to guarantee productivity, as well as to adhere to the health and safety rules;
  • The Head Chef ensures the kitchen's representation and coordination with the other departments and management, and actively takes part in various meetings, especially F&B meetings.¬
  • Guarantees the cleanliness of their team's workstations: ensures that the kitchen and equipment are clean and tidy at all times;
  • Ensures their team are well presented at all times (clothing, personal hygiene, etc.) to make a good impression on guests, as well as for the sake of their own health and safety;
  • Applies and ensures the application of the basic health and safety rules (fire, etc.);
  • Is responsible for the maximum security of the people and property in the areas under their control;
  • Ensures that all equipment is used in an environmentally responsible manner: plugging in and unplugging equipment;
  • Makes sure that their department complies with the health and safety rules, as well as internal payment;
  • Checks cleanliness levels and compliance with hygiene measures for staff, workstations, supplies, cold storage rooms and the office on a daily basis;
  • Reports risks of accident or any fault to their superiors
  • Keeps up to date with the hotel's fire and evacuation procedures;
  • Applies the emergency food safety measures should any problems be detected (refrigeration breakdown, risk of cross contamination, no compliant delivery, etc.)
  Salary R30†Ė 40†000.00  
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