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Alexia Divaris

Food Stylist, Food Writer, Recipe Developer

Alexia Divaris is a freelance commercial food stylist and highly regarded personal chef, based in Cape Town. With over 9 years in the food industry, Alexia has experience in both local and international kitchens, including Michelin star establishments.

Along with her passion for food, Alexia also has a keen interest in photography and design, which naturally evolved into a career in food styling. In the past year alone, Alexia has worked for high-profile local and international clients such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Marks and Spencer, Checkers, among others. Although the majority of her work is for film, Alexia also styles for food magazine editorials.

In her spare time, Alexia writes for her food and photography blog, which features recipes, food photography, market and restaurant reviews as well as seasonal food guides. Alexia’s work can best be described as rustic and authentic, with an emphasis on fresh, wholesome ingredients and home-style cooking.

Much of her inspiration stems from her Mediterranean heritage, with Greek and Italian roots, and this, combined with her love for vintage fashions, informs her styling with an attractive combination of visual excellence and approachability.

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